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FCS & SCS Projects, next open #FCS-910 / #SCS-148

UPDATE the "Next OPEN" line when adding a project. If a project is under the wrong heading or not listed, put it under your own heading (create one if it does not exist). ASSIGN A COMPLETION DATE, INCLUDING DAY, TO ALL PROJECTS

Recently Completed Projects

Move your completed projects to this section first. After being discussed, they are moved to the Completed archive.

FCS-820 BB CCC rollout - Dec. 31, 2015 COMPLETE

CC Project 2015016 Updating Keyserver to 7.3 December 30 2015

FCS-880 Faculty Specialized and non specialized software survey January 2 2016

FCS-861 Installation of SAS for the year for MPH program December 2015

FCS-871 Bob P. survey January 15 2016

FCS-802 Windows 10 + OS X 10.11 Images For Faculty Rollout - January 1, 2016

FCS-888 SAS Compatibility issue with student from MPH

FCS-869 Hofstra version of PhishMe - Completed

FCS-874 Hauser 030 renovation proposal Dec 15, 2015 Completed

FCS-774 Special Order Negotiations - December 1, 2016

FCS-823 Fall 2015 FCS Workshops Dec 23, 2015 Completed

FCS-812 Integration to ServiceNow Working on it...12/23/2015

FCS-838 Access Database Migration Complete. Turned over to Admissions for testing

FCS-884 Banner to Outlook Calendar - Nov. 30th 2015

SCS-139 Build new PaperCut Test VM servers November 15 2015 January 14 2016

SCS-145 Update mediawiki installations for both FCS & SCS

SCS-129 Fall Workshops December 15, 2015

SCS-131 MakerParkDecember 1, 2015

SCS-141 Peer Hack-a-Thon Nov 14, 2015

SCS-144 Install Campus Labs Course Sync Building Block (Rubrics) December 7 2015

Staff Meeting Agenda

Add Agenda nominations here; add your name after the item if you nominated it or agree with the nomination. Suggestions can be moved up if a second or third person wants to nominate them for discussion at the next meeting.

Agenda 2/3/16:

  1. Director's report (Judith)
  2. Projects news on phone, systems, admin (Judith)

Past Agendas & Action Items from previous meetings. -- Please add to Special Events things our fellow IT departments should be aware of.

Director Judith

FCS-817 SPRING 2016 FACULTY COMPUTERS! - March 1, 2016

FCS-902 Sonocent testing May 15, 2016

FCS-903 Curriculog (w Admin Comp, Prov office) - date TBD

Alex R.

FCS-836 Project LCARS (Touchscreen for Computer Science BDL) Spring 2016

FCS-897 Migrating/Rebuilding LDAP servers to the Big Data Lab Spring 2016

FCS-896 BCIS-IT Hosting at Big Data Lab Spring 2016

Alex S.

FCS-908 Big Ideas 2016 Preparation Friday, March 11, 2016

FCS-890 Biology Game-oriented learning object Friday, March 25, 2016

FCS-891 Badging for Course Preparedness Friday, May 25, 2016

FCS-910 Maker Event - Spring 2016 Friday, April 29, 2016


FCS-859 Blackboard data discovery (IR research data correlation) - First and second reports went to Stephanie (waiting on her thoughts)

FCS-907 Add/modify to the Blackboard WebService


FCS-822 Software migration for faculty computers - March 1, 2016



FCS-872 Tracking Starr Logins January 2016

FCS-889 Professor Pell Romance Language Bi-annual Survey January 31, 2016 to send data


FCS-807 Digital Fabrication: Lute Mold Project "March, 09, 2016"

FCS-899 VR Executive Demo Round II "April, 01, 2016"

FCS-900 VR Symposium: VR Sandbox II "April, 11, 2016"

FCS-901 Immersion Lab Pilot "September, 15, 2016"



FCS-708 Central Storage Deux - September 1, 2016

FCS-866 Calkins 013 Digital Photo Lab Upgrade - December 31, 2016


FCS-887 Twitter tutorial for med school - first draft January 2016

FCS-888 Google education apps training August 2016

FCS-894 Little Ideas ongoing Spring 2016

FCS-895 Smartboard/Notebook training for SOE faculty and students February - May 2016

FCS-898 Workshops - Intro to Hybrid and Teaching Online January - February 2016


FCS-892 Setting up NYSERNet Research and Education Network (Internet 2) event April 2016

FCS-870 Engineering applying to become a National Instruments certification center for LabVIEW June 2016

FCS-893 Special installs for SEAS faculty computer leases February 2016

FCS-904 Rhinoceros 3d installation process June 2016

FCS-905 Big data lab utilization for PIV processing March 2016

FCS-906 CodonCode Aligner Sequencing Installation Feb 2016


FCS-827 VDI/Overhaul of Weller 33 - Summer 2016

FCS-882 Software for VDI with Josh D.


CC Project 2016001 - Hauser 030 Renovation - Summer 2016


SCS-140 Making the Repair Center ESD safe Feb, 28 2016

SCS-142 CompTIA A+ Certification Feb, 28 2016

SCS-143 Lenovo Warranty Repair Certification March, 15 2016


FCS-801 Blackboard Templates Dec 31, 2016

FCS-855 Clean Up Blackboard Disk Usage July 31, 2016

FCS-875 Deploy Blackboard Collaborate and Advertise/Educate Feb. 28, 2016

FCS-876 Deploy Blackboard Community Engagement and Advertise/Educate Feb. 28 2016

FCS-877 Deploy Blackboard Content and Advertise/Educate Feb. 28 2016


FCS-775 Various fully online and hybrid graduate programs


Rose (and the Learning Support students)

  • SCS-130 Spring Workshops May 15, 2016
  • SCS-132 Lego Robotics Event May 15, 2016
  • SCS-134 Student Goals 2015-2015 May 15, 2016
  • SCS-135 Project: Data May 15, 2016
  • SCS-137 Security for Students May 15, 2016
  • SCS-146 Hack-a-Thon EVENT: March 10, 2016, Completed by March 30, 2016
  • SCS-147 MS Office Certification Exams May 30, 2016


Past Goals

GH shift transition procedures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5t8vidAxtgAb6PH6B3ZAWmd0A8CKAtCtSXjq2P0510/edit?usp=sharing

Academic Operations

  • Faculty Outreach - one minute survey on podium and expand on survey results
  • Keyserver the next step - reconciliation report
  • HSHS outreach
  • Adjunct Outreach
  • Spread the word on Security Secure-a-thon

Group Goals Please use this area to align projects with group goals.


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