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FCS & SCS Projects, next open #FCS-886 / #SCS-142

UPDATE the "Next OPEN" line when adding a project. If a project is under the wrong heading or not listed, put it under your own heading (create one if it does not exist). ASSIGN A COMPLETION DATE, INCLUDING DAY, TO ALL PROJECTS

Recently Completed Projects

Move your completed projects to this section first. After being discussed, they are moved to the Completed archive.

Staff Meeting Agenda

Add Agenda nominations here; add your name after the item if you nominated it or agree with the nomination. Suggestions can be moved up if a second or third person wants to nominate them for discussion at the next meeting.

Agenda 11/25/15:

  1. Judith's report on academic stuff from EDUCAUSE 2015
  2. LAPTOP PROGRAM!! (Judith, Joe and Monica)
  3. BB upgrade! (Jim, Paul, Monica, Catherine)

Past Agendas & Action Items from previous meetings. -- Please add to Special Events things our fellow IT departments should be aware of.

Director Judith

FCS-817 SPRING 2016 FACULTY COMPUTERS! - March 1, 2016

FCS-819 People server cleanup Date TBD

FCS-820 BB CCC rollout - Dec. 31, 2015

FCS-847 Updating TK20 Video Server for School of Education - Nov. 25, 2015

Alex R.

FCS-831 Big Data Lab infrastructure Fall 2015

FCS-842 Big Data Lab templates TBD

FCS-832 Big Data Hadoop cluster May 2015

FCS-836 Project LCARS (Touchscreen for Computer Science BDL) Fall 2015

Alex S.

FCS-818 FCS Social Media initiatives - Promotion Monday, December 28, 2015

FCS-848 R. Leo. language learning objects Monday, December 14, 2015

FCS-849 J. Vacc. annotated videos Monday, December 14, 2015

FCS-880 Biology Game-oriented learning object Monday, December 14, 2015


FCS-812 Integration to ServiceNow Still Waiting on Jesse

FCS-835 FCSConsult - Nearest building/room availibility Almost Done

FCS-838 Access Database Migration Complete. Waiting to turn over to Admissions

FCS-859 Blackboard data discovery (IR research data correlation) - First reports went to Stephanie (waiting on her thoughts)

FCS-869 Hofstra version of PhishMe - Completed

FCS-884 Banner to Outlook Calendar - Nov. 30th 2015


FCS-822 Software migration for faculty computers - March 1, 2016



FCS-861 Installation of SAS for the year for MPH program December 2015

FCS-871 Bob P. survey October 16 2015

FCS-872 Tracking Starr Logins November 2015

FCS-880 Faculty software survey November 2015


FCS-807 Digital Fabrication: Lute Mold Project"December, 01, 2015"


SCS-110 Take over Bluehost servers May 29 2015 October 31 2015

SCS-139 Build new PaperCut Test VM servers November 15 2015


FCS-774 Special Order Negotiations - December 1, 2016

FCS-865 iLRN - December 31, 2016

FCS-802 Windows 10 + OS X 10.11 Images For Faculty Rollout - January 1, 2016

FCS-866 Calkins 013 Digital Photo Lab Upgrade - December 31, 2016

FCS-708 Central Storage - March 1, 2016


FCS-868 Support DP with online course Dec 18, 2015

FCS-881 Encryption and Backup tutorial - first draft 'Dec 4, 2015

FCS-887 Twitter tutorial for med school - first draft 'Dec 18, 2015

FCS-888 Google education apps training 'Feb 26, 2016


FCS-860 Creating storage for Bio-Informatics in Big Data Lab January 2015

FCS-870 Engineering applying to become a National Instruments certification center for LabVIEW December 2015

FCS-886 Test and install latest version of LabVIEW with myRIO Tool Kit for robotics lab December 2015


FCS-827 VDI/Overhaul of Weller 33 - Summer 2016

FCS-858 Devhost for Fall 2015 Semester - December 31, 2015

FCS-882 Software for VDI with Josh D.

FCS-883 Future webhosting pilots


FCS-823 Fall 2015 FCS Workshops Dec 23, 2015

FCS-874 Hauser 030 renovation proposal Dec 15, 2015


SCS-140 Making the Repair Center ESD safe November 30 2015


FCS-801 Blackboard Templates Dec 31, 2016

FCS-855 Clean Up Blackboard Disk Usage July 31, 2016

FCS-875 Deploy Blackboard Collaborate and Advertise/Educate Feb. 28, 2016

FCS-876 Deploy Blackboard Community Engagement and Advertise/Educate Feb. 28 2016

FCS-877 Deploy Blackboard Content and Advertise/Educate Feb. 28 2016


FCS-775 Various fully online and hybrid graduate programs


Rose (and the Learning Support students)

  • SCS-129 Fall Workshops December 15, 2015
  • SCS-130 Spring Workshops May 15, 2016
  • SCS-132 Lego Robotics Event May 15, 2016
  • SCS-134 Student Goals 2015-2015 May 15, 2016
  • SCS-135 Project: Data May 15, 2016
  • SCS-137 Security for Students May 15, 2016
  • SCS-141 Peer Hack-a-Thon Nov 14, 2015


Past Goals

GH shift transition procedures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5t8vidAxtgAb6PH6B3ZAWmd0A8CKAtCtSXjq2P0510/edit?usp=sharing

Academic Operations

  • Faculty Outreach - one minute survey on podium and expand on survey results
  • Keyserver the next step - reconciliation report
  • HSHS outreach
  • Adjunct Outreach
  • Spread the word on Security Secure-a-thon

Group Goals Please use this area to align projects with group goals.


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