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Today's projects meeting is brought to you by the letter J--- for Jackson.

FCS & SCS Projects, next open #FCS-772 & #SCS-123

UPDATE the "Next OPEN" line when adding a project. If a project is under the wrong heading or not listed, put it under your own heading (create one if it does not exist). ASSIGN A COMPLETION DATE, INCLUDING DAY, TO ALL PROJECTS

Recently Completed Projects

Move your completed projects to this section first. After being discussed, they are moved to the Completed archive. To indent, add a space before each line of text, including the hard returns between lines.

FCS-683 Remote Proctoring for CHEM135 in Fall 2014 semester Dec 23, 2014

FCS-718 Project Devhost - November 1, 2015

FCS-702 Surveying honors coll. students re: technology 

FCS-703 Scheduling Math Labs  Dec 15, 2014

FCS-734 co-teach Hybrid DL course with Paul Oct 27 - Nov 14

FCS-730 Scratch install Oct 27
FCS-670 Lync for campus - Aug. 15, 2014
FCS-646 Classroom Finder Project - Dec 31, 2014

Staff Meeting Agenda

Add Agenda nominations here; add your name after the item if you nominated it or agree with the nomination. Old suggestions can be moved up if a second or third person wants to nominate them for discussion at the next meeting.

Staff Meeting Feb. 4 2015 -

  1. Director's Report (Judith)

Past Agendas & Action Items from past meetings. -- Please add to Special Events things our fellow IT departments should be aware of.

Director Judith

FCS-653 New Boot Camp #2, May 2014 - Dec. 20, 2014

SCS-093 Club Events Signage/App - August 15, 2014 EXTENDED Dec. 20, 2014

FCS-701 One-touch recording booth in Library - New date TBD spring semester

Digital Humanities year - Provost Campbell visiting 3/20 - see FCS-755

FCS-709 Data & Security briefing for Biology Dec. 12, 2014 DELAYED Jan. 30

FCS-712 Peer Assessment workshop with Ling POSTPONED Spring 2015 date TBD

SCS-113 Math tutoring lab proposal with Sylvia Completion date TBD spring semester


FCS-755 Big Ideas 2015 Preparation Friday, March 20, 2015

FCS-622 FCS Blog Site Monday, February 2, 2014

FCS-706 iOS Classroom Wireless Projection 'Monday, December 22, 2014

FCS-750 Hayes International Course Friday, March 27, 2015


FCS-686 Classroom Faculty Feedback Tool - To be distributed on Jan. 26

FCS-767 Software Catalogue - Chair's report - Jan 23 2015

FCS-768 Transition Faculty Soft. Cat to Alex - Jan 16 2015


FCS-691 Adobe license options with Tom K., J. Gannon, Bob J - Mar 30, 2015

FCS-713 Papper survey - Jan 30, 2015

FCS-722 ARC Gis expansion - May 2015

FCS-756 Spring Imaging - Jan 26, 2015



FCS-720 Med School Excel project TBD

FCS-726 SAS for HSHS Jan 26, 2014

FCS-744 Help Hope Baylow with stats Analysis on hold pending professor

FCS-761 Greg Pell Romance Languages Outcomes survey January 30

FCS-766 KeyServer Purchases TBD

GH shift transition procedures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5t8vidAxtgAb6PH6B3ZAWmd0A8CKAtCtSXjq2P0510/edit?usp=sharing


FCS-599 Peer Choice Game Development - TBD

FCS-646 Classroom Finder Project "TBD"

FCS-700 Digital Signage Project for SGA "11-15-14"


SCS-109 Charging Stations for Lab(s) Jan 23 2015

SCS-110 Take over Bluehost servers TBD

SCS-111 PridePrint Expansion & Med School Replacement - Fall 2014 Mar 2 2015

SCS-112 PaperCut 14.2 Software Update Jan 23 2015


FCS-708 Central Storage - March 1, 2015

FCS-711 Student Training Deux - Classroom Testing - January 23, 2015

FCS-769 Documentary Graduate Degree Planning - tbd

FCS-770 Production Room Normalization / Maya 3D - January 23, 2015

FCS-771 Santangelo Clicker Video Production - March 1, 2015


FCS-727 Special Ed Intl program Jan 2015

FCS-732 SoE welcome back survey Jan 2015

FCS-735 Smartboard presentation for secondary ed dept Jan 2015

FCS-763 Introduction to Online Teaching course Jan 2015

FCS-748 Revise TechTonic module Jan 2015

FCS-762 Online Learning Consortium course Feb 2015

FCS-764 NSF curriculum project Summer 2015

FCS-745 Digital Humanities project ongoing


FCS-715 SA Badges for FCS/SCS - Jan 2015

FCS-716 Adams Hall classroom printer setup - December 1st

FCS-737 Professor Miranda Research Servers - DONE

FCS-738 Microphone for Computer Science for Skype - TBA

FCS-739 Explore AWS Solution - Fall 2015

FCS-740 Hofstra eSports/Gabe's Idea - MIKE

FCS-741 CYGWIN Configuration for Weed 016 - ON-GOING

FCS-742 Redhat Entitlement update for eggdew1/2 - DONE

FCS-743 Adams hall Linux lab documentation with Toon and Alex Rosenberg - Spring 2015

Big data lab fund usage computer science January 2015

MatLab / Simulink Site License TBD

MatLab Distributive Computing Server for Simona Spring 2015

Kevin Craig and John Vaccaro Seimens NX software Spring 2015

Kevin Craig and John Vaccaro's Robotics Lab prep work Spring 2015 / Fall 2015

LabView for School of Engineering FULL version Fall 2015


FCS-692 Adding technology use gathering field in Digital Measures - March 30, 2015

FCS-714 Digital Measures - removing courses not taught from scheduled teaching - Dec 10, 2014

FCS-739 Explore AWS Solution - Spring 2015

FCS-740 Hofstra eSports/Gabe's Idea - December 31, 2014

FCS-758 Swivl Pilot for School of Business

FCS-759 Business School Qualtrics Survey

FCS-765 Classroom Sweeps


FCS-666 Computing 101 tbd

FCS-723 Faculty pamphlet - what HU IT resources are available to you?

FCS-724 Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education March, 2015

FCS-725 Spring 2015 FCS Workshops May 20, 2015


FCS-655 Voicethread authentication change over Dec 30, 2014

FCS-656 Rebuild Russian Placement Exam May 1, 2015

FCS-697 Math on the web - latex and/or maple, esp. within Blackboard (Rose can assist)Dec 30, 2014

FCS-753 January Online Teaching Online January 30, 2015

FCS-751 January ELP January 30, 2015

FCS-752 January Language PlacementJanuary 30 2015


FCS-684 Implementing Lab Safety Videos in all lab courses for Fall 2014

Rose (and the Learning Support students)

  • SCS-098 The Hoffice May 15, 2015
  • SCS-105 Student Goals 2014-2015 May 20, 2015
  • SCS-108 Lab Data Collection May 20, 2015
  • SCS-114 Spring Offerings May 20, 2015
  • SCS-115 Kivuto: One Store to Rule Them All August 15, 2015
  • SCS-116 Cisco/ACD Phone Project May 20, 2015
  • SCS-117 Security for Students May 20, 2015
  • SCS-118 Make-a-Thon/Hack-a-Thon, Spring 2015 May 20, 2015
  • SCS-119 Active Learning Classroom: The Video May 20, 2015
  • SCS-120 LINY, Spring 2015 May 20, 2015
  • SCS-121 MS IT Academy Certification/Testing Center (CC project number pending) May 15, 2015
  • SCS-122 Project Uptime: 3D Printers/SA "Certification"


Past Goals

Academic Operations

  • Faculty Outreach - one minute survey on podium and expand on survey results
  • Keyserver the next step - reconciliation report
  • HSHS outreach
  • Adjunct Outreach
  • Spread the word on Security Secure-a-thon

Group Goals Please use this area to align projects with group goals.

If you have layout improvement suggestions, please bring it up during our next meeting.

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