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FCS & SCS Projects, next open #FCS-981 / #SCS-168

UPDATE the "Next OPEN" line when adding a project. If a project is under the wrong heading or not listed, put it under your own heading (create one if it does not exist). ASSIGN A COMPLETION DATE, INCLUDING DAY, TO ALL PROJECTS

Recently Completed Projects

Move your completed projects to this section first. After being discussed, they are moved to the Completed archive.

Staff Meeting Agenda

Add Agenda nominations here with your name after the item.

  1. Confluence for FCS & SCS. (Luc-Philippe)
  2. Active Directory OU and User Group modifications. (Luc-Philippe)

Past Agendas & Action Items from previous meetings. -- Please add to Special Events things our fellow IT departments should be aware of.

Alex R.

FCS-958 Automate Linux account creation Fall 2016 -- Pending completion of FCS-897

FCS-968 Migrating NFS server to the Big Data Lab Fall 2016

FCS-897 Migrating/Rebuilding LDAP servers to the Big Data Lab Fall 2016

FCS-945 Deploy cs.hofstra.edu name servers TBD -- Pending Systems and Networking

Alex S.

FCS-940 Faculty-Focused Game Initiative Friday, Dec 16, 2016

FCS-977 Options for media hosting and delivery Friday, Feb 24, 2017

FCS-931 Light Board Prototype Friday, Dec 16, 2016 ON HOLD PENDING GO-AHEAD


FCS-859 Blackboard data discovery (IR research data correlation) - Will develop BB Web Service

FCS-941 Corinne Kyriacou's Assessment Project ON HOLD

FCS-961 Usage Monitoring Tool Completed - Deployed to WEED, STARR and ADAMS


FCS 964 Preferred Name in Banner Jan 31, 2017

FCS 980 Spring semester classroom prep Jan 27, 2016



FCS-937 Lab Software Survey Jan 13 , 2017

FCS-974 Writing PE Sign up survey Nov 2016

FCS-965 Bob Papper Survey Jan 2017 - responses are being collected

FCS-973 Eng Outcome survey (S.Russell) Nov 24, 2016

FCS-976 KeyServer upgrade Dec 2016


FCS-975 Immersion Lab Ad/Outreach Campaign I "Dec, 15, 2016"

FCS-967 SmartSparrow Assessment research and development. "Dec, 15, 2016"


SCS-168 Reserved - 2016

SCS-169 Reserved - 2017

Joe (and the Faculty Support students)

# Avid Central Storage 2

# Student Hiring January/Spring


FCS-894 Faculty Lunches ongoing Spring/Fall 2016

FCS-895 Smartboard/Notebook training for SOE faculty and students Dec 15 2016

FCS-978 ZSOB eMBA hybrid kickoff "Dec 1 2016"

FCS-979 ZSOB eMBA hybrid workshop "Jan 3 2017"


# Active Directory OU and GPO modification for labs

# Confluence Review and Implementation

# Big Data Lab Usage and License Policy

# Lab Sweeps and Instructor Station checks for Spring 2016


FCS-939 Business School Technology Committee Tech Project October 14, 2016


FCS-775 Various fully online and hybrid graduate programs <- Take over from Ron

FCS-971 eMBA goes hybrid


FCS-801 Blackboard Templates Dec 31, 2016

FCS-969 NSO Language Placement Exams April 30, 2016

FCS-970 WSC Writing Proficiency Exams December 31, 2016

Rose (and the Learning Support students)

  • SCS-154 UTP in Blackboard and Collaboration December 15, 2016 Waiting for UTP
  • SCS-155 Security for Students 2016-17 May 15, 2017
  • SCS-156 Student Goals May 15, 2017
  • SCS-157 MS Office Certification Exams 2016-17 May 15, 2017
  • SCS-158 LabStats Pilot May 15, 2017
  • SCS-159 Title IX Training in Blackboard TBD
  • SCS-160 Hack Event: March 9, 2017 Moving Event to March 2nd, 2017/ Complete: March 30, 2017
  • SCS-167 Creativity Week Collaboration Event: March 2017


GH shift transition procedure: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5t8vidAxtgAb6PH6B3ZAWmd0A8CKAtCtSXjq2P0510/edit?usp=sharing

Group Goals - Faculty Computing Services & Student Computing Services

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