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FCS & SCS Projects, next open #FCS-987 / #SCS-171

UPDATE the "Next OPEN" line when adding a project. If a project is under the wrong heading or not listed, put it under your own heading (create one if it does not exist). ASSIGN A COMPLETION DATE, INCLUDING DAY, TO ALL PROJECTS

Recently Completed Projects

Move your completed projects to this section first. After being discussed, they are moved to the Completed archive.

FCS-895 Smartboard/Notebook training for SOE faculty and students Dec 15 2016

FCS-978 ZSOB eMBA hybrid kickoff Dec 1 2016

FCS-979 ZSOB eMBA hybrid workshop Jan 3 2017

FCS 980 Spring semester classroom prep Jan 27, 2016

FCS-974 Writing PE Sign up survey Nov 2016

FCS-965 Bob Papper Survey Jan 2017

FCS-973 Eng Outcome survey (S.Russell) Nov 24, 2016

FCS-976 KeyServer upgrade Dec 2016

Staff Meeting Agenda

Add Agenda nominations here with your name after the item.

  1. Sub-Domain name edtech.hofstra.edu approval. (Luc-Philippe)
  2. Adams hall electrical surge investigation. (Luc-Philippe)

Past Agendas & Action Items from previous meetings. -- Please add to Special Events things our fellow IT departments should be aware of.

Alex R.

FCS-958 Automate Linux account creation Fall 2016 -- Pending completion of FCS-897

FCS-968 Migrating NFS server to the Big Data Lab Fall 2016

FCS-897 Migrating/Rebuilding LDAP servers to the Big Data Lab Fall 2016

FCS-945 Deploy cs.hofstra.edu name servers TBD -- Pending Systems and Networking

Alex S.

FCS-983 Amazon Echo Testing Friday, May 26, 2017

FCS-940 Library 360 Video Resource Friday, April 28, 2017

FCS-977 Options for media hosting and delivery Friday, April 28, 2017

FCS-931 Light Board Prototype Friday, May 26, 2017


FCS-859 Blackboard data discovery (IR research data correlation) - Will develop BB Web Service

FCS-941 Corinne Kyriacou's Assessment Project ON HOLD

FCS-961 Usage Monitoring Tool Completed - Deployed to WEED, STARR and ADAMS

FCS-981 Classroom attendance tool April 25


FCS 964 Preferred Name in Banner Mar 30, 2017

FCS IT Faculty surveys



FCS-937 Lab Software Survey April , 2017


FCS-975 Immersion Lab Ad/Outreach Campaign I "March 2017"

FCS-967 SmartSparrow Assessment research and development. "ON HOLD"

FCS-9XX Jase Bernhardt Hurricane Simulation 360 "May 2017"


SCS-168 Blackboard Grades Extract - Friday, April 14, 2017

SCS-169 Blackboard Snapshot Load to SIS Conversion - Friday, April 14, 2017

SCS-170 Student Network Separation - Monday, March 27, 2017

Joe (and the Faculty Support students)

# Avid Central Storage 2

# Student Hiring January/Spring

# Recording Studio - Mason 205


FCS-894 Faculty Lunches ongoing

FCS-981 ZSOB eMBA hybrid workshop: Yi Chin Lin May 1 2017

FCS-982 SOE: EdTech toolbox June 1 2017

FCS-983 SOE: Remote observation June 1 2017

FCS-984 Omeka w Ethna Lay April 15 2017

FCS-985 Grade Center lunch and tutorials - COMPLETED

FCS-986 DRC - symposium April 26 2017


# Active Directory OU and GPO modification for labs

# Confluence Review and Implementation

# Big Data Lab Usage and License Policy

# Lab Sweeps and Instructor Station checks for Spring 2016


FCS-939 Business School Technology Committee Tech Project October 14, 2016


FCS-775 Various fully online and hybrid graduate programs <- Take over from Ron

FCS-971 eMBA goes hybrid


FCS-801 Blackboard Templates Dec 31, 2016

FCS-969 NSO Language Placement Exams April 30, 2016

FCS-970 WSC Writing Proficiency Exams December 31, 2016

Rose (and the Learning Support students)

SCS-154 UTP in Blackboard and Collaboration December 15, 2016 Waiting for UTP

SCS-155 Security for Students 2016-17 May 15, 2017

SCS-156 Student Goals May 15, 2017

SCS-157 MS Office Certification Exams 2016-17 May 15, 2017

SCS-158 LabStats Pilot May 15, 2017

SCS-159 Title IX Training in Blackboard TBD

SCS-160 Hack Event: March 9, 2017 Moving Event to March 2nd, 2017/ Complete: March 30, 2017

SCS-167 Creativity Week Collaboration Event: March 2017


GH shift transition procedure: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5t8vidAxtgAb6PH6B3ZAWmd0A8CKAtCtSXjq2P0510/edit?usp=sharing

Group Goals - Faculty Computing Services & Student Computing Services

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