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Faculty opportunities to teach via distance learning at Hofstra are governed by the University's Collective Bargaining Agreement. There is a process for applying to teach a fully-online course. Courses are developed through our Online Teaching and Learning Course the semester before they are offered, and approval forms should be submitted no later than the end of the semester prior to the development semester. So for instance, to propose to teach an online course in the winter session, forms should be submitted no later than the end of the summer.

The same tools Hofstra faculty teach with online can be used to enhance face-to-face classes, or even to blend your class by holding some of your sessions online. Blending generally works best if you plan ahead and give your students (and yourself) time to iron the kinks out of any technology you're adding to the class. We've prepared a handout outlining what you may want to do in case of an Emergency Distance Learning situation that also applies to a one-off distance learning session - where you know you won't be able to attend class for a session or two but you want class to go on uninterrupted.

Faculty Computing Services not only supports the use of the teaching tools, it supports you in learning how to use them. Our instructional designers and technologists can advise you on effective ways to conduct a class online and help you design an online experience that will achieve your pedagogical goals. This is all in addition to training you on the use of the tools themselves. As always, to work with us directly and learn more, contact the Faculty Support Center in McEwen 215 at extension 3-6894 or email us at fcshelp at the hofstra.edu address.

Distance Learning at Hofstra
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