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What Is Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy is a term that is bringing together what used to be treated separately as information literacy, technology literacy, and media literacy. Here's a paper on digital literacy that was presented at the CTSE at Hofstra in November 2007 to help orient faculty to what "digital literacy" means today, and how we might think about it in relationship to our own classes.

Collecting Assignments

Sometimes you love having paper on which to scribble your comments. Sometimes you would prefer to have everything come to you electronically with a date and time stamp through a secure method so you know whose work it is. These are some ways to collect students' work electronically.

Don't Let Your Students Make You Their Help Desk

They need to master some basic technology skills to be ready for life after college anyway - and Hofstra's help desk can help them do that.

Faculty Transfer Day

Documentation associated with Digital Responsibility, and other relevant topics for the laptop transfers.

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