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The Internet has made it easier than ever to collaborate with others both inside and outside of the classroom. From editing a document together to sharing each other's desktops, the possibilities are endless!



Synchronous collaboration between instructors and students.

Google Docs

Collaborate in private on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation!


Use VoiceThread to let students discuss anything anywhere, anytime. Brings together video, audio, and text into one collaborative environment.


Collaborate on a web site!

Google Hangout

Hangout allows multiple people from different locations to see and hear each other.

Echo360 Personal Capture

As of fall 2010 we have a limited number of licenses for Echo360 Personal Capture, which allows faculty to use their own computers to capture recordings of both themselves and the screen. A great tool for making learning objects! or

Travel with your web bookmarks!

Audio & Video

Students that previously enjoyed collaborating on group PowerPoints might enjoy creating group videos or podcasts just as much. Students may also learn a lot if they workshop the materials they create, from costume designs collaged in Photoshop to interviews for a sociology class. We can help you with the technical end - what exercise would you like to try?


Online video and audio chat.

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