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Audio and video content is increasingly easy to produce. It is exciting to make a rich animation explaining sound board operation or osmosis or financial calculators for students who are having trouble grasping a concept.

  • We can create these types of learning objects with you.
  • Having students create their own video essays is a great way to get them composing in a way that challenges their thinking beyond the essay format they mastered in high school.
  • Instructors quickly realize that it is more engaging and often more effective for the students to create multimedia materials for themselves, rather than the instructor creating content for them.

This section offers information on how to create, edit, and post audio and video material using various free and commercial software. If you'd like to use larger screens or professional software, these things are available in the Faculty Support Center, McEwen 215.


Audio & Video Solutions

Faculty Computing Services can provide an array of audio and video services in addition to those listed below. Click here for more information.


Basic Audio Editing

Use Audacity, a free audio editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux

PowerPoint with Audio

Adding narration to your PowerPoint presentations.


Basic Video Editing

Getting started with Windows Movie Maker & Apple iMovie

Advanced Video Editing

Editing and Troubleshooting the Avid Software Editor


Securely share your videos with students in your BlackBoard courses


Create tutorials with this video technology


Microsoft Office Mix

Make multimedia-based interactive presentations with this free add-in for the Windows version of PowerPoint.

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